An open hymn book with music and words for 'O Worship the King'.

Music Groups

St Cuthbert’s Choir

Currently, there is no regular choir at St Cuthbert’s due to a lack of choir members. However, if you would be interested in joining the choir, please do get in touch. If enough people show interest, then a regular choir can be formed.

You can contact Debbie via the Parish Office here.

St John’s Choir

St John’s choir sing weekly in Sunday morning services, as well as at weddings and funerals we are invited to. We don’t have any formal rehearsals, and just turn up and sing because we enjoy it. If you would like to join the St Johns choir, you would be more than welcome.

You can contact Wendy via the Parish Office here.

Worship Group

If you play an instrument, you would be welcome to join our contemporary worship group. We learn more modern worship songs for various events and services. We are looking especially for percussionists.

You can contact Graham via the Parish Office here.